Wayland Compositor written in nim.

Recently I started an organization named Waycrate to write high quality wayland tools. Being drunk in the wayland craze I took it upon myself to rewrite BSPWM for Wayland. Since the waycrate team has already finished rewriting sxhkd for wayland, this makes my work a tad bit simpler.

I have decided to name the window manager HerbWM which uncomfyhalomacro came up with.

The futhark library has done nothing but shock me with it’s fantastic support for C. I have no regrets with respect to using the library other than the fact that it doesn’t support inline functions or function like macros, a common work around to this is just to redefine the inline function in nim.

Currently the source code of HerbWM is written in Zig but I have already started implementing tinywl in nim which if successful, will be merged into upstream herbwm.